Apr 19

Sissy Cuckolding With Miss Peyton

Sissy Trainer Peyton

Hello, all my pretty little girls out there on the world wide web. I am Mistress Peyton, your phone sex Femdom.

Well, to be honest, it doesn’t REALLY matter if I am a Femdom or not. I am a woman. I am a woman who likes dick. You are a girl–-a sissy girl, in fact. And because you are a girl, you hold no interest to me sexually. The reason I turned you into a girl was a simple one, after all. Your dick was small, so I had no use for it. If it is below four inches, it belongs in panties.

So this is how it is: I will never have sex with you but I still need sex. So what do I do? I find myself a real lover, one with a big cock, and I make you my little sissy cuckold.

One thing I love to do is find a bull with a BBC. That is big black cock, for those of you who are not familiar with the acronym. I love the feeling of being completely filled to the brim in all directions. It really helps with the concept of two becoming one. I especially love it doggy style because then I can look you in the eye while you sit in your chair in the corner and let you see the ecstasy wash over my face in the one glorious moment. When I am finished getting mine, and if he is still horny…well, we have been training you to be a girl all this time for a reason, you know.

Maybe I’ll go sit in the corner to see what the look on YOUR face is, my little cuckold phone sex slut!

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Apr 13

Humiliation & Forced Feminization With Mary Jane

Teen Domme Mary Jane

Oh, you silly boy. You thought that you, a worn-out old man with a secret fetish, would get the best of me? Haha! You’re even dumber than you look!

Oh, no, sweetheart. When you call me, there’s only one of us who has the upper hand, and her name starts with “Mary” and ends with “Jane.” How do you like them apples?

Let’s go back to that secret fetish of yours again, shall we? We both know exactly what it is, even if you try to deny it. You secretly want to be dressed in women’s clothes and laughed at. But you don’t have the balls to admit this out loud, so you choose to act like a cunt, so that I’ll dress you as if you have one.

Interesting. But I’ve always liked forced feminization, so you’ll hear no complaints from me.

Don’t worry, we’ll get you all dressed up. Then, once you’re all dolled up like a bimbo slut, the way I like you, the sissy humiliation will start. But you’re looking forward to that, too, aren’t you?

Well, guess what, honey. You’re not the only one.

Call your coed Humiliatrix Mary Jane right now at the number listed below to experience erotic humiliation in ways you’ve only dreamed about up until now. Go on. Do it. You know you want to.

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Apr 04

Sissy Gangbangs With Miss Faris

Feminine Shemale Faris

It’s no secret that sissies like cock. And I certainly don’t begrudge them for their preferences because I love cock myself, both my own and other people’s. In fact, I do my best to make all their fantasies–especially those involving dick–come true.

One of the more common fantasies about cock that you’ll often find among sissies is the sissy gangbang fantasy. If one cock is good and two cocks are better, then having more cocks in one room than you have holes and/or hands to accommodate must be the most amazing thing ever, right?

I’ll go ahead and tell you that if you have never been the centerpiece at a gangbang, you have no idea what you’re missing. It doesn’t matter if the participants are men, women with strap ons, trannies like myself, or what-have-you. Being filled like that and being surrounded by people who are waiting to fuck you is an experience that’s far too intense to be missed.

Plus, if you’re into humiliation, being used by a whole roomful of people adds a whole new dimension to THAT particular fantasy. ;)

Want to give it a try? Your girl Faris has the hookup, so give me a call!

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Mar 29

Strap On Training With Mistress Evelyn

Femdom Mistress Evelyn

A strap on is a wonderful thing. It can create an entertaining session all by itself–which every strap on phone sex lover will gladly tell you–and it can serve as a gateway to many other fantasies as well.

Let’s talk about the latter aspect today.

For sissies, strap on training serves as a wonderful way to teach them about handling cock without actually needing a real live cock to try it out on. For those sissies who aren’t 100% sure about their inclinations, it’s a less threatening way to indulge their fantasies and learn how to perform. For others, it’s a way to teach them what to do without having them embarrass me in front of my male friends with their lack of experience and expertise.

Therefore, I use my strap on to teach sissy boys like you how to suck cock and how to take it in your asses as well. It works out quite well, really.

Are you ready to begin your strap on training with your Femdom phone sex Goddess, Evelyn? What are you waiting for, then? Get your phone and call me immediately, and your wish just might come true.

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Mar 22

Talking Lipstick & Cocksucking With Capri

Feminization Expert Capri

You know, usually when we’re talking about makeup and feminization, it’s in the context of learning to look more beautiful and feminine. Anyone who knows me will gladly attest that I love helping sissy boys look more attractive, but today’s discussion about makeup actually has nothing to do with how girly it makes you look.

There’s one particular type of makeup I’m thinking about today, and it’s lipstick. Lipstick in regards to sissy cocksucking, to be exact. ;)

Normally, I tell my sissy boys that they should choose a shade that’s flattering to their coloring when they’re picking out lipstick. But when you’re lipsticking your mouth up for a long cocksucking session, there are only two options–Bimbo Barbie pink or fire engine red. Both of them just scream “slut!”, which is exactly what you want to look like when you’re on your knees with a dick in your mouth.

Luckily, I have a tube of both shades here. We’ll decide which one to use, and then you can smear your slutty lipstick on before I have some friends come over to play with you. You’ll show them what a good little cocksucker you are, won’t you? I’m sure they can’t wait to see pink or red lipstick rings around their cocks!

Whenever you’re ready, just give me, Capri, a call!

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Mar 15

Realistic Crossdressing With Wynona

Hot Tranny Wynona

Hey there, boys. This is your favorite phone sex shemale, Wynona. I’m here today to help you guys out with your fantasies. I figure you’ll appreciate the assistance from a girl like me. ;)

I know that there are a lot of crossdressers out there. I also know that, while most of you don’t want to go the full femme route, many of you ARE, in fact, interested in making your crossdressing sessions more authentic. You want to look more feminine, rather than just like a dude in a dress, and I can totally respect that. I can also teach you how to do it if you like.

The first thing to do is not to go the drag queen route. Look at how real women dress and try to emulate them. Not porn girls or models or celebrities, but regular women. That’s the best way to go about it, in my opinion. The more naturally you dress, the more feminine you’ll appear.

I have plenty of other tips and tricks for those of you who want to up your crossdressing game. All you’ve got to do is give me a call, and I can hook you up! Dial the number below and ask for me, Wynona!

Talk to you soon. :)

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Mar 08

Sissies Eat Cum For Peyton

Sissy Trainer Peyton

There are lots of aspects to sissy training, and I’m not one to leave any of them out. They’re all very important, so we shouldn’t skip them in favor of rushing on to the next step, no matter how small of a thing it may seem to you. There’s a good reason why I’m the trainer, and you’re the trainee, after all.

One of those very important steps is learning to eat your own cum. How can you know you’ll be able to properly service a real man if you’re not yet sure how to swallow like a good little sissy slut?

Some of you will be more than happy to do this for me. Others may be a bit reluctant, but no matter. I know how to deal with your reluctance very well. I will turn each of you into cum eating sluts for me, regardless of how enthusiastic you are about the prospect. That’s just the way things are.

Are you ready to begin your cum eating training? Miss Peyton is certainly ready to get started, so grab your phones and call me right now. I’ll talk to you soon.

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Feb 28

Lingerie For Panty Boys With Mary Jane

Sissy Trainer Mary Jane

One of the things that I love most about playing with panty boys is all the fun I can have introducing them to OTHER types of lingerie that they might enjoy. Sure, their focus will still probably remain on panties, but that’s fine. I’m not necessarily trying to turn them into full crossdressers. As long as they’re willing to open their minds enough to at least give my ideas a try, that’s all I’m asking for. :)

So if you’re into panties, why don’t we get you a matching bra the next time you go on a shopping spree? Or perhaps a lacy camisole or even a merry widow if you’re feeling really adventurous? Lots of people–me included!–find stockings really nice, too. Some guys get super-attached to the feel of a satin slip against their skin as well. There are all kinds of possibilities if you think about it!

Would you like to explore a little with me? I’d love to talk about it further if you’re interested. All you have to do is call me, Mary Jane, at the number below!

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Feb 20

Sissy’s First Real Cock

Feminine Shemale Faris

So you’re a sissy boy who’s tried a lot of things, huh?

You’ve gone through your complete feminization with either me or one of the other lovely ladies here. You’ve had strap on training to learn how to suck cock and maybe ride it, too. So what else is there for you to do?

Oh, sweetheart, you still have *so* much left to experience, and I’m going to make sure that you experience it all with me.

Up until now, most of your play has been with toys. But today, your phone sex shemale Faris is going to give you your very first *real* cock. And that cock, of course, is mine. ;)

You’ve probably learned a lot using toys, but I’m ready to show you just how different a real dick is from a plastic one. I promise, you’ll love the upgrade. Once you get your first feel of skin against skin, you’ll never want to go back. Or at least you’ll learn to love real cocks and toys for different reasons, anyway. ;)

Want to see what I mean? Well, I’d love to show you. Give me a call, and let’s get started!

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

Feb 14

Bimbo Training With Mistress Evelyn

Humiliatrix Evelyn

I’m not sure if you sissy losers are aware of this, but there are various levels or stages, shall we say, of feminization. Some of the more extreme stages are rarely discussed, so that’s what we’ll be doing today.

On the lower end, you have panty boys and lingerie fetishists. As you move up the spectrum, you find your regular sissies and crossdressers. Then, as you go higher, you run into men who want to take their sissification to new heights.

Of those on the highest end of the spectrum, I think I like the wannabe bimbos the most. They understand that they are nothing but toys for the pleasure of their Mistresses (and their Mistresses’ friends, too, of course). They’re real-life Barbie dolls who walk and talk, but only with the permission of those who own them.

Oh, yes, I do like bimbos very much.

It takes a special sort of slut to become a successful bimbo slut, however. It requires plenty of…reprogramming, let’s say. Bimbofication is less of a physical transformation and more of a mental and emotional one. You must be obedient and willing to go to whatever depths I want you to go, or else you will fail miserably.

Do you want to give it a try? Call me, Mistress Evelyn, by dialing the number below, and we’ll discuss the possibility.

1-877-PANTY-10 (1-877-726-8910)

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